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Carl Mullen signs rugby ball for small boy

The information on this website comes from books, historical documents, magazines, websites across the world, etc. but special mention goes to:

  • Rugby school (this is where it all started, need I say more)
  • The Webb Ellis Rugby Football Museum (A really enjoyable experience)
  • The Museum of Rugby, Twickenham (A must-see exhibition)
  • The Amateur Athletic Foundation (where you can find Olympic reports)
  • rugbyrelics (good source for old rugby books)
  • - an excellent statistics database and excellent calendar of rugby facts.

    ...and not forgetting the game of Rugby and the Rugby community...that should cover it!

Other credits:

New Zealand Herald for the home page picture of Karl Mullen, Irish international 1947-52 and captain of the British lions in 1950.

Copyright material:

If any material found on this site is found to be in breach of copyright this is unintentional. Please notify the webmaster who can either provide correct credit to the copyright owner or, in the worse case, remove it .

The main influences in my rugby life:

There are three organizations/people I would like to thank for sowing the seeds towards the creation of this website:

Firstly, my father-in-law Alan Price, who one Saturday many years ago said, "fancy coming along to watch the rugby?", he had no idea what he was starting.

Secondly, Bedford rugby club, my home town team and my initial inspiration, "up the blues!".

And last but not least, Boca Raton Rugby Club, who spent years trying to teach me how to play (your never too old to learn) and who eventually made me president (a real honor for which I'm truly grateful and a special time in my life with many happy memories), the rest, as they say, is history.

Doing sit-ups back in 1999.
(actually, fast asleep in the Florida sun between games!)

Nigel Trueman








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